Drink Detox

From sober curious to sober committed in 5 steps

Create a blueprint to replace old drinking habits with new empowering ones so that you can say good bye to hangovers and hello to clarity.

This FREE online mini course will:

  • wake you up to the habits that keep you going to that glass of wine even though you want to quit
  • Help you create surroundings that encourage you to stay alcohol-free for however long you wish, without relying on will power alone
  • Give you more confidence, energy and time to do the things you've always wanted to, but keep putting off
  • Set you on a course of amazing wellness, glowing skin, healthier weight and more meaningful relationships
  • Empower you to be who you envision yourself to be

Interested? This free mini course launches in December 2020. Sign up below for early access. This course is led by me (pictured) at Radiantage.ca

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